Pregnancy Himalayan Salt Stone Foot Massage

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Miris Mama’s Exclusive|Exclusive Pregnancy Himalayan Salt Stone Foot Massage

With the use of precious salt crystal stones from Himalayan Mountains, the professional masseuses from Miris Mama could help you to improve the problems of foot edema and cramps during pregnancy. Consisting of 84 minerals and nutrients essential to pregnant women, the warm Himalayan salt stones could instantly relieve foot pain, eliminate foot edema, and relieve muscle tension and weak legs.

Exclusive Pregnancy Himalayan Salt Stone Foot Massage|Relieve foot pain

During pregnancy, the constantly increasing body weight causes mother’s legs to be under great pressure, which leads to cramps frequently, thus increasing the risk of postpartum varicose veins Making the good use of warm Himalayan salt stones in pregnancy massage is effective in improving blood and lymph circulation, eliminating edema and toxins from the body, as well as relieving leg pain and discomforts.

Healing Benefits of Exclusive Pregnancy Himalayan Salt Stone Foot Massage

Relieve foot cramps during pregnancy
Eliminate foot edema during pregnancy
Improve blood circulation in legs
Relieve and prevent varicose veins
Relieve muscle tension and pain in legs

Applicable to pregnant women, who suffer from/ care about:

Varicose veins
Foot cramps
Muscle tension in legs

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition
#Applicable to mothers-to-be who have been pregnant for 12 weeks


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