Professional Pregnancy Massage Therapy– Exclusive for Breastfeeding

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The Best Preparation for Breastfeeding|Professional Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Professional Pregnancy Massage Therapy includes “Pregnancy Body Massage” and “Relieving Breast Swelling and Tenderness Therapy”. With long-term professional experiences in pregnancy massage, the professional masseuse from Miris Mama could help you to relieve body aches and breast pain during pregnancy, prevent blocked ducts, as well as to prepare for breastfeeding and welcome the birth of your baby perfectly.

Make Breastfeeding Easier|Relieving Breast Swelling and Tenderness Therapy

During pregnancy, women experience the change in female hormones, and it causes chest pain, tingling, breast swelling and development in preparation for lactation. Meanwhile, blocked ducts, low breast milk supply and insufficient nutrients for the baby are the major concerns of pregnancy women who plan for breastfeeding after delivery. Thus, it is necessary for mothers to be well-prepared for lactation and prevent blocked ducts in the stage of pregnancy.

Relieving Breast Swelling and Tenderness Therapy: Blocked ducts and breast pain are the problems that pregnant women always encounter. Miris Mama’s professional massage skills help you to alleviate the pain of chest swelling, clear blocked ducts, prepare for breastfeeding and prevent postpartum mastitis.

Relieve Discomforts and Stress of Pregnancy|Pregnancy Body Massage

During pregnancy, the weight and pressure that the mother’s body withstands increase constantly, which may leads to fatigue and emotional instability easily. Pregnancy Body Massage helps mothers adapt to both physical and mental changes during pregnancy, relieve the tension in neck, back and limbs, overcome physical and mental fatigue, improve the quality of sleep, as well as improving the psychological health of mothers and babies

To provide comfortable massage experiences for pregnant women, the professional pregnancy massage table used by Miris Mama is customized for you, which is able to safely support mothers and babies with the special design and allow pregnant women to lie comfortably with the face down; as well as ensuring all the pregnancy massage could comfort mothers and babies peacefully.

Healing Benefits of Professional Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Relieve body aches during pregnancy
Relieve breast pain during pregnancy
Improve insomnia and quality of sleep
Relieve emotional instability and stress
Relieve discomforts of pregnancy and edema

Applicable to pregnant women, who suffer from/ care about:

Muscle fatigue
Chest pain and swelling

#Massage result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.
#Applicable to mothers-to-be who have been pregnant for 28 weeks


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