Apricot Kernel Whitening Facial Massage

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Firming and Brightening|Apricot Kernel Whitening Facial Massage

Miris Spa selects the best natural skin care ingredients which are chemical-free. With the professional technique of the beauticians, the nutrients of apricot kernel could penetrate and nourish your skin deeply and efficiently, which is effective firming and whitening your skin, at the same time balancing oil secretion. The sun’s UV rays are assailing our skin in summer all the time, which causes the formation of spots and freckles. This facial massage is particularly effective in combating melanin, anti-wrinkle, removing and preventing freckles, as well as revitalizing your skin.

Apricot Kernel Whitening Facial Massage|Balance Oil Secretion

Apricot kernel has been well-known for its beauty effect since ancient times and is widespread used in Chinese Medicine. The application of it in facial massage could help to boost metabolism, whiten, moisturize and revitalize your skin. Apricot kernel is rich in nutrients, including vitamin E, vitamin A, amino acids and minerals, flavonoids, polyphenols, etc. This facial massage could help to inhibit the synthesis of melanin and freckles, maintain the water-oil balance of skin, repair sensitive skin, and give you brighter and clearer skin.

Healing Benefits of Apricot Kernel Whitening Facial Massage:

Firming and Brightening
Maintain the water-oil balance of skin
Remove and prevent freckles
Boost skin metabolism
Improve uneven skin tone

Applicable to men & ladies, who may suffer from/ care about:

Dull skin
Large pores
Overactive Sebaceous Glands

#The result would be different depended on your health and skin condition.


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